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Man on the moon, before wheels on luggage #PlantScienceFacts

We put a man on the moon before we put wheels on luggage.

It seems strange to imagine how people carried their luggage before the wheels were added to our suitcases. Was this not seen as an urgent requirement or were people traveling with lighter luggage? Well, it seems most of the innovations that seem to be important and focus our energies on, might lure us away from the many more that might help us solve practical problems. Innovation is definitely not linear and we sometimes discover things that makes more sense, slightly later than needed.

The first patent for wheels on luggage, filed by United States Luggage Corp in 1970 and granted in 1972, was a small evolution of the standard suitcase design. The luggage was shaped the same and would stand the same, but now with wheels and a strap to drag it. But the fact that this invention came a full 3 years after we put a man on the moon shows that invention is never linear. We keep learning, improving everyday. 

This passion to find out what can help make our human life better is what drives us everyday at #PlantScience. In our research labs, we are burning midnight oil and trying to fathom the many secrets of evolution, chemistry and mystery of plants. To know more about what we are working on and how we are harnessing the healing powers of plants, drop in a comment here.

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