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Kumquat: Small fist, Big PUNCH

Kumquat: Small fist, Big PUNCH
Kumquat: Small fist, Big PUNCH

The funny sounding tiny tots of citrus family are just about 2- 2.5 cms in diameter but are richly packed with multiple nutritional benefits from the big doses of Vitamin C(73% of RDI) , Fiber (26% of RDI) and Vitamin A (10% of RDI) and antioxidants in 100 gms of  serving which is about 4-5 fruits. This means, it is that one fruit to go to, for immunity, gut issues, respiratory issues and skin issues.

It is surprising to know that an olive sized fruit has so many benefits. You name an issue and it looks like kumquat can help combat it with its nutritional values. Even the most famous ‘Encyclopedia of Traditional Chinese Medicines’ mentions Kumquat fruits and leaves in treating depression. Liver, hangover due to alcohol, DNA repairs etc. The best part of the fruit is, 80 % of the fruit is water which helps you keep well hydrated.

The name Kumquats is given by its looks. It means Golden Orange in Cantonese. Every part of the fruit is edible. However people prefer its thin outer skin which is sweet and delicious than the inner layers which are bitter and the pulp inside which is sour. This is definitely a distinguishing trait of Kumquats compared to other citrus fruits, the outer skin of which is bitter.

This fruit though is originated in China and was then introduced to Japan and is widely cultivated there. After that, it reached many parts of the world. These fruits cannot survive in humid subtropical regions reason why you won’t find these fruits being cultivated in north India but only in highly elevated regions of south India.  

If you are wondering how to enjoy these citrus babies other than eating directly from the plant, Google offers countless recipes of jams, marmalades, salads, beverages, candies and cakes. Why not start using them? Winter is almost here and they will be easily available in markets.

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