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Know your Grass

In continuation of our series on various grasses in sports, let us examine the grasses used in golf.

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It is also used on golf courses and grows thick. It is thick and can withstand heavy traffic. But the grass can not tolerate consistent heat and requires a small quantity of water to stay green. It means you do not need to use an extra amount of water to keep them green.

Poa Annua

It is less durable and used on golf courses on the West Coast of the US. It is an invasive species and has shallow roots. It is the reason why they are less durable and must be hand-watered.

Fine fescue

It is common turf grass, perennial, and bunching. The grass has good density, texture, and colour. It is spread with rhizomes and has slender leaves, and perfect for low light conditions.

Paspalum Carpet grass

It is widespread across Africa, Australia, America, and Asia, and the plant is known as Bahia grasses, paspalum, Dallis grasses, and crown grasses. They are a more versatile species in the warm season and are used on golf courses.

Dichondra grass

It is a warm-season ground cover and best adapted to coastal regions. It grows in partial shade and can not tolerate heavy traffic. But they get better when there is full sun.

Centipede grass

It is a slow-growing grass with coarse-leaved turfgrass and apple-green colour. It is a low maintenance grass and can tolerate moderate shade.

Couch Grass

It is excellent for handling high wear and tear. The grass is versatile and can tolerate hard play. Mostly, you will find it on golf courses and has a variety.

Wrapping up

Depending on the sports ground, the grass is planted and taken care of. In every sport, the type of grass has an influence. Many different kinds of lawns are artificial or natural. Based on the requirements, the grass is planted. Accordingly, they must be taken care of to ensure that it is appropriately maintained.

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