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Keep Off The Grass

Many people love playing sports and watching events that happen across the world. Whether it is hockey, soccer, cricket, etc., most sports are played on different grass fields. Have you ever wanted to know about the type of grass? If not, take a look at the other sports grass.

Gold course by California State Route 1. Original image from Carol M. Highsmith’s America, Library of Congress…

Zoysia Grass

They are low-maintenance and slow-growing grass, making them popular across the lawn. The grass does not require a lot of work and can handle wear and tear. They are drought-tolerant and perfect for temperatures in Australia. It has a natural resistance to common diseases and weeds, and some examples are Zoysia Macrantha, Zoysia Japonica, and Empire Zoysia.

Kentucky bluegrass

Poa pratensis or Kentucky bluegrass is a fine-textured grass and spreads underground stems. These are known as rhizomes and have fair establishment speed, medium to good wear tolerance, medium disease, and fair to medium drought tolerance. It has a creamy spring colour and requires a medium level of management.

Perennial ryegrass

It is a medium-textured bunch and can germinate within some days, offering a uniform turf within two weeks. It has good quality with excellent establishment speed and good wear tolerance. It has medium recuperative potential with good drought tolerance. The grass found on cricket grounds is perennial ryegrass.

Tall fescue

Festuca arundinacea or tall fescue is a leaf-textured cool, and it is a bunch-type coarse season grass. They are of medium quality and establishment speed. The wear tolerance is good with fair recuperative potential and has good shade tolerance.

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Bermuda grass

It is used in golf courses and is incredibly beautiful. It is well-suited to southern climates and drought-resistant. It is a perfect choice for places where water conservation is essential. The grasses can bear high temperatures and are a versatile kind.

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