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Jamun powered Solar cells
Jamun powered Solar cells

Jamun Power To Solar Battery

Did you know the delicious Indian summer fruit, jamun, is not just something just to enjoy eating, but it can be used to make an efficient solar cells? The pigment found in jamun – Syzygium cumini absorbs massive amounts of sunlight. The group of scientists from IIT, who found this research about anthocyanin, a pigment that is believed to cut down the mass solar panel costs.

Milestone For Power Generation

India is already looking for an increase in its solar power generation because, as a developing country, it faces a lot of power shortage. Silicon is used to make these solar panels, and manufacturing silicon is expensive. Thus, the finding of jamun being an excellent sunlight absorber is a remarkable step towards solar power generation.

Jamun powered Solar cells

The Process

The dark color of jamun can be used as a dye in the Dye Sensitised Solar Cells. This dye can be extracted by using ethanol. Natural pigments are way more pocket friendly than any other regular pigment. So, the economical nature and the widespread availability of this fruit has eased the process of generating solar energy.

Final Words

Apart from jamun, other fruits, such as blueberries, cherries, cranberries, and raspberries, also have this natural pigment called anthocyanin. The recent developments of climate change and global warming has started to emphasize an alternative way. Solar energy is one of the ways to reduce the impact on global warming. Thus, the recent findings of jamun as an excellent source for attracting sunlight in solar batteries are a milestone towards further developments.

Isn’t it exciting that we are discovering the natural solutions to our power problems? The more we explore, the more plants seem to amaze us! In this series, we are exploring #PlantScienceFacts and stay tuned for more interesting articles.

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