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How Does Breathing Through One Nostril Affect Cognitive Abilities?

How Does Breathing Through One Nostril Affect Cognitive Abilities?

For most of us breathing is done involuntarily. But what if we can actively control breathing?

Breathing helps in modulating the cortical neural activity, and several breathing exercises are said to have purported to have effects on the cognitive and emotional functions. The relative nostril efficiency is related to the hemispheric EEG performance and difference in cognitive tasks. The Unilateral Forced Nostril Breathing is a yoga technique that is pretty popular among females and males when it comes to treating cognitive abilities. The technique was invented around 5000 years ago, and many studies have been conducted on it.

How does unilateral nostril breathing affect cognition?

Unilateral forced nostril breathing has different effects on men and women. In males, the spatial performance is much better through the right-nostril breathing, and the verbal performance improves through the left-nostril breathing. For females, their spatial performance improves through the left-nostril breathing, and their verbal-performance is better during the right-nostril breathing. The difference between and within the genders is said to exist as unilateral nostril breathing differentially stimulates two hemispheres and promotes the production, which affects the cognitive abilities.

What are the other breathing techniques?

There are fw more types of breathing techniques where you get to breathe through one nose, apart from unilateral forced nostril breathing. Check below!

  1. Alternate nostril breathing: Alternate nostril breathing is a yoga technique that helps in managing stress, reduces anxiety, and relaxes the mind and body. Along with that, it has also proven itself to improve the overall well-being of your body. Studies have provided evidence the technique has a positive influence on vital capacity, blood pressure, and heart rate. Alternate nostril breathing is believed to make plenty of improvements in neuro-cognitive, metabolic, respiratory functions within healthy individuals. Although the breathing technique is safe for the majority of individuals, it will be much better if you get in touch with your doctor before opting for it.
  2. Right nostril breathing: The right nostril breathing is a breathing technique that will help in increasing the energy of life. The technique is also essential for the metabolism and increasing the efficacy of the digestive system, boosts the sympathetic nervous system, and increases body temperature. The breathing technique also eliminates the presence of Kafa or Mucus imbalance from the body and is highly beneficial for weight loss and obesity. Along with that, the right nostril breathing has shown positive influences on low energy and depression management, stress reduces anxiety and treats mental disorders.

Things you must consider

All the breathing techniques will help in reducing the cognitive abilities of the body, but there are several things you must consider when you are opting for it. Do not sit an alternative, unilateral, or right nostril breathing when you are not well from the inside. If you do so, then it might cause unwanted problems. You must take the help of a professional and consult with them about it. Otherwise, you can also get in touch with your doctor, who knows the various breathing techniques.

Ending Note!

The information mentioned in this document will provide you an excellent idea of how exactly breathing from one nostril can affect cognitive functions. You will also gain a good understanding of the other types of breathing techniques and their benefits.


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