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Holy Tulasi, the incomparable one

Holy Tulasi, the incomparable one
Holy Tulasi, the incomparable one

In Hinduism, tulasi is worshipped as a goddess and every part of the tulasi plant is revered and considered sacred, including the leaves, stem, flower, root, seeds, and oil. Even the surrounding soil, which has recently been found to harbor beneficial endophytic fungi, is considered an aspect of the divine. Here we examine, the benefits of Tulasi on your skin.

1. Deep-cleans the skin: Tulasi leaves have the amazing quality of deep cleansing the skin, which means not just removing dirt but the cleaning of excess oils and nourishing the skin to be rejuvenated. No wonder, Tulasi is an active ingredient in many skin care products.

2. Treats acne: Acne is one irritating yet unavoidable skin ailment that most of us have been through. However, modern advancements in medicine have helped us understand some ways to heal that. Tulasi is a perfect solution to this problem. The antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties of tulasi help purify the blood and remove toxins and bacteria from the skin. 

3. Prevents early signs of aging: Tulasi herb is super-rich in antioxidants, which give it the ability to rejuvenate the skin. It also protects the skin against the effects of oxidative damage. You can either consume basil water (boil a few leaves in water and drink it) or apply the leaf extracts directly on the skin. Either way, yous skin would be aglow with fresh nutrients.

4. Lightens skin tone: Applying powdered leaves or paste of Tulasi, is a part of the beauty regimen in most Indian households. While the powder helps in exfoliating the skin, clearing the dirt, it also helps in improving the complexion and helping the skin tone get fairer.

5. Fights germs: Did you know Tulasi also possesses antibiotic properties, which help treat infections? The leaves restrict the growth of bacteria like bacillus anthracis and E. coli that cause skin infections. Moreover, it also helps treat skin irritation and inflammation. 

These are just the tip of what this divine blessing of a plant can do to our skin. We, at Plant Science by Atrimed, believe in the goodness of Tulasi and use refined Tulasi/Basil molecules in some of our skincare regimens. To know more, follow us on social media or check out our store.

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