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Haro Wine festival

Continuing our list of crazy festivals all across the world, today we are in Spain to talk about something you might like! Spaniards always have a desire to have a good time to roll. The country is full of thrilling festivals happening all year round. One such exciting festival is Wine fight, known locally as Batalla Del Vino or San Vino happening, annually on the 29th of June on the province of La Rioja, a small town nestled between mountains and vineyards in the heart of Spain.

The festivities start early in the wee hours, how exciting it sounds, grabbing a mug full of red wine instead of coffee. Haro Wine Festival should be top on your bucket list if you’re a big fan of wine, good times, and Spanish festivals.

The tradition of the festival calls you to come in a white shirt and a red scarf which is a must, and you’d end up going in all purple soaked in red wine. This is a free event and you don’t need any tickets in advance to partake. Just book transportation and accommodation in advance as they start getting full real soon.
Be prepared to come in for the extreme fun as there seems no mercy on anyone while splashing and throwing buckets of wine with force. The Vibe of this ferocious festival in thrilling and non-stop.

The commencement of the festival occurred in the early 13th century when there was a land dispute between the Town of Haro and neighbouring town of Miranda. The King landed orders to keeping the purple banners on the border every Saint Peter’s day, and that is how The Battle of wine eventually took place. So even today revellers line up and celebrate with wine. Now, tell me, would you like to get drenched in wine? Then you know where to go next year!

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