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Hand Sanitizer with the goodness of Plant Science

Hand Sanitizer with the goodness of Plant Science

Being driven by individuals passionate about scientific research and innovation, a greater understanding of plant chemistry is shown in the entirety of products that come from Atrimed Plant Science.

Our Plant Hand sanitiser was already a developed product in our lab but as we say everything has its own time, we felt it was the perfect time to launch our product because there is a greater need for an efficient sanitiser now more than ever.

So, what makes us believe that our #PlantHandSanitizer is special? Here are 8 reasons.

Our plant hand sanitiser is:

1.  Formulated with flavonoids (a group of plant chemicals) from neem and tulasi 

 2. Loaded with flavonoids that act as antiviral, antibacterial components 

3. Imbibed with natural oils our hand sanitizer prevent dryness of palms

4. Have our secret formulation to bring out the mystical fragrance from neem and tulasi

5. Of great quality with the goodness of Plant Science makes it one of the best available sanitizers in the market

6. With absolutely no added colours

7. Carrying a nice scent of non-allergic perfume that does not trigger headaches like some of the other regular sanitizers in the market

8. Priced much lower than other chemical options

You must be delighted to know that adhering to the best quality standards that standout to international norms, if not better, has always been our core strength at @Atrimed .

Though the cost of making our plant hand sanitizer is substantially higher than chemical options, we are offering it at a lower price, keeping our social responsibility in mind and to reach maximum people during this time of global crisis.

So, are you ready to bring home the Plant Science hand sanitizer with added benefits?

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