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Plant Science Hand Sanitiser review

Hand Sanitiser review

How would you review a hand sanitiser? All of them say they clean up to 99% of the germs. All say you would experience a cleansing like never before. And, all of them say the best price. Now how would you differentiate a great hand sanitiser with a good one? Here we go.

1. Check the ingredients: Though all hand sanitisers need to have some alcohol content to ensure the cleaning, killing germs part, most of the other ingredients can be a useful way of differentiation. If your hand sanitizer has natural, safe, organic ingredients, then it is a considerably better option than regular ones. Plant Science Hand Sanitiser has the goodness of Tulsi and Neem to protect your skin

2. Touch and feel: How does sanitizer feel on your skin? Does it feel like medicine or diesel washing your skin like a harsh soap? Plant Science Hand Sanitiser does the exact opposite – it smoothly spreads on your palms and cleans then with our hurting your skin

3. Allergies: Using Plant Science Hand Sanitiser doesn’t give you allergies or play your existing skin irritation up! Yes, the Neem and Tulasi help soften the skin and enrich it with natural oils rather than hurting your skin.

4. Moisturise: Does your sanitiser leave your hands dry and almost scalping? Well, Plant Science Hand Sanitiser does the opposite.  Packed with glycerine, it proactively moisturises your skin.

5. Smell: While some of us might like the strong smell, it is difficult to live with it all day. Plant Science Hand Sanitiser has natural flavonoids that leave a pleasant smell on your hands.

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