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Did you know that grapes are believed to be almost 65 million years old and have been into cultivation for the past 8000 years?

Well, I’m sure most of us would associate grapes with wine and the flavour that comes along with it. But in a constantly evolving world full of experiments and improvements, have you ever thought about how grape seed extracts can benefit us?

These plants provide unique properties that have led people to exploit them as medicinal and cosmetic ingredients.

Ancient medical practitioners have been using these extracts for healing and pain relief purposes without knowing their mode of action or mechanism. But today, research has evolved and the beneficial grape seed properties are all over the internet.

Let us look at the benefits of the grape seed for our skin.

Grape seed extracts, a wholesome ingredient, is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, flavonoids, linoleic acid and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complex (OPC). Perfectly combining a few of these in the right amounts, makes them a powerful antioxidant used for treating a variety of conditions ranging from heart diseases to the most common skin conditions. 

  • Protection from sun damage.

Free radicals having unpaired electrons are highly unstable and reactive, thereby damaging the skin cells when it is exposed to environmental conditions, particularly the UV rays from the sun. This damage, known as oxidative stress, diminishes the elastin and collagen production which handles maintaining the skin’s elasticity.

Grape seed extracts protect the skin cells from such free radicals. Apart from this, Professor Masqueller patented in 1987 that these extracts also move throughout the body and scavenge the free radical present in any corner. These antioxidants work from the inside by minimizing the fine lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage and keeps the skin radiant.

  • Healing and soothing activity.

The presence of alpha hydroxyl acid content within grape seed extract, plays a major role in healing the wounded skin cells. Flavonoids enclosed within them prevent allergic reactions like eczema and also relieve the pain from psoriasis.

This extract is proven to be 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and the oil made using these is highly absorbable in the skin cells, thereby moisturizing them and keeping the skin well hydrated. The seed extracts are often crushed and used as exfoliants which remove the dead cells and expose the smooth and healthy underlying cells.

  • Reduces the signs of ageing

Grape seed extracts contain polyphenols which are binders of collagen fibres required to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Vitamin C in these extracts acts as an anti-ageing ingredient which works in reversing wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead.

Being a natural ingredient which keeps the skin hydrated, smooth and supple, grape seed extracts are widely being used in the cosmetic industry.

Apart from just skin ailments, grape seed extracts also reduce blood pressure, improve blood flow, support

the brain and kidney function as it ages, etc.

Scientists from Atrimed Plant Science have conducted thorough research right from the books, up until the lab to study the effects of grape seed extracts. After months of experimentation and clinical studies, our team has developed the Anti Blemish and Anti Ageing Cream that includes these extracts in appropriate amounts along with other Ayurvedic herbs for the therapeutic effect needed to treat most of the common skin concerns people are facing today.

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