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Gardenia Gummifera – Dikamali

Gardenia Gummifera – Dikamali

Gardenia gummifera L.f. (Family: Rubeacea) is used in the indigenous system of medicine to cure many diseases. The herb, named Gardenia Gummifera – Dikamali is used in the treatment of wounds, skin diseases, fever, stomach pain, etc. The herb has different names, like resin, telbampa, bikke, etc. So, do not get confused when you see a different name as it is the same plant.

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What are its medical uses?

Used in traditional medicine for many decades, Gardenia Gummifera has significant medicinal properties. Here are some of them.

Eliminate toothache issues

Gardenia Gummifera is used to eliminate toothache use in both adults and children. For years, it has been used for healing wounds as Dikamalli has antimicrobial properties. In the market, you will come across a paste by applying to recover your wound quickly.

Multipurpose medicine?

Dikamalli has significant antioxidant activity. The element is used for medical purposes, like indigestion, appetite, ascites, flatulence, intestinal parasites, etc. Many people use the product to treat breathlessness, chronic cough, hiccups, malaria, cold, fever, rigours, skin diseases, etc. The dissolved resin is used with warm water for curing dyspnea.

This herb is available in most ayurvedic shops in powder form usually called as Dikamali powder which is dark green in colour and has distinct aroma. Do you remember this grandmother recipe for tooth aches?


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