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Fire-cracking beauty
Fire-cracking beauty

A typical sight in South Indian gardens, the orange-toned kanakambaram, is a modest plant whose seeds pack a punch. In spite of the fact that they don’t have any aroma like the jasmine flower, the firecracker is noted for its splendid bright shading. It blooms the entire year around and its blossoms are mostly used for decorating hair and for ceremonies of worship. 

Ironically these local blooming plants that trigger recollections from our childhood have now become the stuff of sentimentality. They are presently a rare sight in our city’s nurseries, with the domination of extravagant imported plants. These lovely local plants will grow effectively in our soil and atmosphere, without much effort and can be grown even in pots or your terrace. 

The normal name “firecracker flower” alludes to the seed pods, which are found after the flower dries out, and tend to “detonate” when close to high dampness or precipitation. The “blast” delivers the seeds onto the ground, in this manner making new seedlings. Did you play with them when you were younger? What a fun way to disperse seeds over long distances!

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