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Faking In Humans When They Fall In Football

Faking In Humans When They Fall In Football

Did you ever watch live football matches? If so, you will know that soccer players seem dramatic and tend to exaggerate their ordinary fouls. Last night, dad and I watched a Football match where we saw a famous player suddenly fall. All the other players and we also thought that he was severely hurt. But soon after a few minutes, he stood up and started playing. Everything became so normal that it did not feel like something had happened. It is known as faking in humans.

Why are football players so dramatic?

It is known as foul simulation, and players use the situation as a strategy. It is done to manipulate the decision of the referee. When such cases happen, the referee thinks that there was a foul. As a result, the referee takes a call to support the team and show a yellow or red card to the opposite team. At times, a penalty kick is given to compensate for the foul.

Usage of the new technology

If a referee gets convinced by your faking, the game can turn out in your favor. The foul simulation is sanctioned with a yellow card. VAR, Video Assistant Referee, is the latest technology through which the referee can check if the player has got hurt or is faking. 

Foul simulation

Most times, the foul simulation that happens in soccer is when there is direct contact between players. Each touch, leaving body movements and shoulder to shoulder the players to cover the ball without the intention of fighting is a foul. However, it is not at all dangerous even though it is a contact sport.

Unintentional fouls

At times, fouls are not intentional as the game is moving so fast. It can happen because of the player’s speed, and to control his body; he ends up committing a foul. As the game is played with legs, it is common to see fouls. The decision regarding a foul takes place within minutes, so people think that soccer players are weak and over-dramatic.

What’s the reality?

The reality is players do it for a strategy or to turn the game in their favor. Also, football players are not soft, but they are intelligent and challenging. They act to be fragile to earn a foul.

Advantages of earning a foul

The advantages of simulating a foul are:

  • A penalty kick for the team
  • Red or yellow card to the opposite team
  • Creating frustration on the other team
  • Indirect or direct freekick to earn a score

Isn’t this unethical or unfair?

Definitely, yes. It is not even permitted in a football match, and if the referee found that you haven’t got hurt, they will show a yellow card. And if you get caught twice, you will get a double yellow card, and you will be thrown out of the game. It is seen that well-known players like Robben, Neymar, etc., try to fake fouls many times.

Have you ever faked in sports? Tag that friend who does it really well!

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