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Essential skin care tips for teenagers

Are you at the brink of your teens? It’s no surprise that acne breakouts and pimples have come knocking at your door. But you need not worry! Even though acne affects 9 out of 10 teenagers, it can be treated quickly because teen skin is resilient.

To save you the hassle, we bring you all the details about teen skin and tell you simple yet effective ways to take care of your teenage skin. 

Teen Skin vs Adult Skin

As a child, your skin frequently renews itself. However, as your teenage years begin, the frequency of renewal goes down. Generally, teenage skin is tougher and more resilient than that of children. However, as a teenager, it is still elastic and is able to regenerate quickly.

The facial skin of teenagers reserves plenty of collagen. But as you enter adulthood, the production of collagen decreases. This makes your skin prone to sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles. In response to hormonal changes in your body, several skin problems develop. Perhaps the most notable change within your skin is the increased production of oil or sebum. Excessive build-up of oil and sweat traps dirt and remnants of makeup within your skin cells. This results in clogged pores and acne breakouts.

Skin care tips for teenagers

Good skin care should begin when you are in your teens and your body is already beginning to change dramatically. It can help you keep your skin in its best condition and stop premature ageing from causing problems down the road.

An effective skin care routine is easy to implement. You just need the right products that suit your skin type, the correct techniques, and the motivation to care for your skin every single day.

1. Wash your face daily

Keep the skincare routine simple and consistent. A good routine can backfire when there are too many steps. Wash your face using a face wash twice a day – when you wake up and before you go to bed. You’ll want to also wash your face after a sweaty activity.

If you’re looking for an effective skin care product for cleansing, check out the Anti-Blemish Facewash by Plant Science. This herbal face wash has been formulated to protect and nourish your skin using active secondary metabolites from neem and lemon. Loaded with anti-oxidant properties, this face wash contains bioactive flavonoids derived from neem, lemon, and vetiver.

2. Moisturize daily

Apply moisturizer twice daily to help keep your skin supple, and hydrated and to prevent premature fine lines and wrinkles. 

Most experts agree you should use a facial moisturizer that fits your skin concern. Check out these plant-based moisturizers and face creams by Plant Science for different skin concerns. Plant Science also offers various cruelty-free skin care products delivered across India. 

3. Use Hand Cream

Put on a bit of hand cream if you have dry hands. Applying regularly, including morning and before going to bed will provide the required moisturization. Just make sure that you don’t use excess cream since it will make your hands oily and slippery.

If you are looking for a cream specially designed to protect your hands, then you should try plant Science’s Hand Cream. Made with natural herbs, this cream’s fast-absorbing blend will moisturize your hands without making them greasy. This plant-based hand moisturizing cream is the best solution for your skin problems.

4. Avoid Touching Your Face Frequently

Wash your hands before you touch your face or touch up your makeup. Every time you touch your face, you’re spreading oil, dirt, and bacteria that can turn into a breakout!

Also, avoid picking at your pimples! This can spread infection, damage your skin tissue, and cause further inflammation.

5. Use Lukewarm Water

Always wash your face with lukewarm water twice a day. It helps loosen the dirt but preserves your skin’s natural hydrating oils.

6. Follow A Well-Balanced Diet

Eat a balanced diet enriched with green vegetables and fruits. Avoid consuming oily food and sugary items that can aggravate your skin conditions.

7. Maintain A Proper Night-time Skincare Routine

Your skin rejuvenates itself while you are asleep. Make sure to cleanse your face, remove all the traces of dirt and makeup, and apply moisturizer, lip balm, and hand cream before you hit your bed.

8. Opt For A Healthy Lifestyle

Take charge of your body at an early age. Your skin’s health is directly dependent on your body’s overall health. Exercise, meditate, eat healthily and have plenty of water. Take a break from your schedule if it’s getting stressful. Avoid fad diets and skincare trends.

9. Stick To The Routine

What is more important than building a skincare routine, is religiously following it! You might often get impatient and look for quick results. But remember, skincare is a process and a journey!

Stick to one routine and give it some time to show results. If you are using a product that suits your skin type, continue using it. Avoid changing your routine frequently.


Skin problems can put a damper on your teen living their best life (YOLO!). Help them put their best face forward by adopting skin-care habits that can keep zits at bay and prevent emotional and physical scarring. 

Taking care of your skin consistently and following a skincare routine is important since it can help your skin look healthier and have an everlasting glow. A daily skincare routine – morning and night; is the first step towards healthy glowing skin that everybody will keep raving about. And don’t forget to choose safe skin care products. Plant Science offers a variety of cruelty free products for your skin care needs.


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