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Enjoy natural blemishless skin

Enjoy natural blemishless skin

As we continue to write about natural ways to keep your skin healthy, we believe you should not be plonking harmful chemicals on your skin. Not only do these chemicals hurt the skin and strip it of its natural glow, overusing them can cause dangerous skin diseases later on. 

Plant Science recommends that you always opt for plant-based remedies for your skin and hair care. By using plant medicines, you would ensure there is minimal risk of irritation, allergies and other problems that may occur. You also would be nourishing your skin and not worried about the baked look you get when you apply too many layers. 

We sport a natural glow when we are healthy, happy and peaceful. This year, promise yourself that you would care for your skin and exude your natural beauty. 

With #Skinimalism trending worldwide, we encourage you to embrace a minimal regimen for getting ready. Try Plant Science Anti-Blemish cream instead. Trust us, and you would feel a lot of burden lifting away from your mind. 

PlantScience Antiblemish cream
best skincare cream in india

This new age plant science molecules-based cream ensures flawlessly radiant skin. It provides complete nutrition, natural glow, and smoothness with Vitamin E present in Almond Oil. Anti-blemish cream is a careful blend of natural ingredients to reduce all types of blemishes.

  • Spotless natural glow
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Reduces blemishes & evens out skin tone
  • pH balanced

So what are you waiting for? What we have curated for you in this carebox is derived from decades worth of research. Wonderful secrets from the bountiful nature and the enchanting world of plants are available in the #PlantScienceCareBox for you to sample. Try our carebox & discover the joy of authentic natural care. You would be amazed to see how efficient our formulations are.

To know more about the #PlantScienceCareBox, check out our store or inbox us.

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The best of skin care in a PlantScience CareBox

If you haven’t checked our plant based skincare solutions available now in India, you are really missing something unique. Being a company drive by doctors who believe in researching the best things in nature to cure human ailments, we have spent decades worth of time in decoding the secrets from the plant world and converted them into efficient natural products. Visit our store today to understand more about how you can be benefited.

Plant Science CareBox is an amazing gift idea where you can sample the best of PlantScience before getting hooked. Our CareBox comes with a promise of skin care, hair care, hand care and the best face care solutions in a simple gift box. Click here to check out the CareBox here on amazon.


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