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In continuation of our series on edible mushrooms, especially some of whom you would find in high-end supermarkets and restaurants, you would love what we are discussing today. Check out our series on mushrooms on our blog (link in bio).

Saffron Milkcap

This mushroom often surprises people when they see an orange mushroom covered in what appear to be moldy, green blotches, despite its scientific name Lactarius deliciosus. This combination of orange and green helps to identify a gourmet mushroom valued across Europe. Since the Saffron Milkcap is always linked with pines, plantings for this mushroom can be a good place to drill. This mushroom is identified by the orange concentration around the cap, the orange gills, the carrot-coloured milk which appears at every damage point when fresh, and the copper green bruises.

Scarletina Bolete

There are only two mushrooms in the UK that are blue on the outside: the poisonous Blue Roundhead and the Verdegris Agaric. Blue staining on the inside, on the other hand, is much more common, especially in the Bolete group. We have a simple rule on our courses: no boletes with red on the outside or blue on the inside. This is simple and safe, as it eliminates the group’s poisonous members. With more experience, you can identify and eat some edible blue-staining Boletes. One of the best is the Scarletina Bolete, which has red dots on its stem and stains an intense deep blue almost immediately when cut open.

Indigo Milkcap

It has everything from concentrated circles on the cap, brown stem to gills, and oozing sap and latex when they are damaged. It has all of its properties. But this one is indigo, with bright sap and pale gills. It’s a large Milkcap, 5-15cm diameter and 2.5cm thick, large enough to be used for a meal alone, and often sold locally.

If you ever doubt any mushroom, always check with a professional before consuming it! Check out our post on poisonous mushrooms too.

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