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Ear, the natural noise filter!

How does the ear know which sounds to record and which ones to ignore and which ones to send to the brain? You might have seen this with yourself but not noted it! How come you don’t hear the sound of the apple you are eating but get irritated when your friend is eating it next to you? Isn’t it surprising that your ear knows to ignore the sound of your teeth munching the apple?

Hearing is every human’s common activity, and yet people take it for granted. Hearing is the sensory system, which enables you to know what exactly is happening in your surroundings. The human social structure depends on speech communication for which rapid and sensitive processing of acoustic energy is required, which is provided by the inner ear.

How is the sound generated in the ears?

Since the ear is a hearing organ, its job is to analyze the environmental sounds and then transmit the results to the brain. The brain interprets the analysis sent by the ear. The ear is a type of hearing organ that has sensory cells, which can transform an environmental signal into electrical energy.

The change within the electrical energy is then converted into a digital code that is sent to the brain. The human auditory system analyzes the sound entering the ear before its neural code, and the inner ear determines the amount of energy is contained by the frequencies that help in making up a specific sound.

What exactly is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a kind of ringing or buzzing noise that is caused in the ear but not in the environment. It is a type of symptom but not a disease and contains both scientific understanding and medical treatment. Tinnitus is a common form of symptom, which is experienced by at least 10% to 15% of the individuals.

Rather than buzzing or ringing, many people tend to hear a roaring, hissing, or whistling sound as well. Many individuals hear a variety of sounds at different times. The sounds are pretty noticeable in quiet environments and also when individuals do not concentrate on something. It stands out to be pretty disturbing for people when they try to sleep.

Types of Tinnitus

 Given below are the two types of Tinnitus that occur in individuals. Check it out!

1.        Subjective Tinnitus: Subjective tinnitus is the common one that takes place due to the abnormal activity within the part of the brain that is responsible for making a sound. Professional doctors are still unaware of how exactly this abnormal activity takes place.

2.        Objective Tinnitus: Objective tinnitus is not that common as the subjective one. It represents the noise that is created by the structures located near the ear. People who are beside you can even hear the noise of objective tinnitus if they listen closely.

What causes tinnitus?

There are several ways through which tinnitus can take place. To know how to check the information provided below!

  • In Subjective Tinnitus:  Subjective Tinnitus is mainly caused due to loud noises, aging, Meniere disease, and certain drugs that damage the ear. About 75% of the individuals are said to suffer from ear-related disorders, which are mostly caused by Tinnitus. There are several ways through which tinnitus takes place, and one of them is Temporomandibular disorder. Other issues that cause Tinnitus are middle ear infection and otosclerosis, problems within the eustachian tube, and disorders that block the ear canal. Acoustic neuroma, which is a non-cancerous tumor, also causes tinnitus.
  • In Objective Tinnitus: Objective Tinnitus is caused due to the sounds from blood vessels situated right near the ear. The sound occurs with each beat of the pulse, and some of the causes are malformed blood vessels of the brain that covers the membrane, uncontrolled flow through the jugular vein, and some ear tumors that contain blood vessels. The most common noise you will hear is the rapid blood flow within the veins of the neck as it is caused due to anemia or atherosclerosis.

Last sound bite

The ear is the only organ that helps you in hearing a variety of sounds. Just like all organs, it can also fall prey to symptoms like Tinnitus. You must identify the condition that is causing Tinnitus. To do so, you need to get in touch with a good doctor so that you can end the noise that occurs within your ear.


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