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Do plants bleed?

Well, it looks like some do! Hydnellum Peckii is a funnel-shaped fungus that has an interesting way of appearing as it grows up. While its unusual appearance has earned its notorious names as the bleeding Hydnellum, red-juice tooth or the most common – Devil’s tooth, it grows to be a brown dull adult.

The whitish mushroom appears to be covered in blood as there is a gooey secretion from its pores. The red blood-like liquid is the sap of the mushroom that is the result of excessive tapping of water combined with the red pigment in the fungus. Mostly located in the mountainous regions of North America, South Korea, Europe and Iran, the bleeding tooth is not toxic. An interesting fact about Hydnellum Peckii is that its root system can be widespread under the mushroom as far as 11 feet from where the mushroom appears.

Coming to the medicinal benefits of the Devil’s tooth, it is believed to be an anti-coagulant and might have anti-bacterial properties, but there is a lot more proof needed before we believe that. However, the fungus is valued as a natural dye and whether it can help us treat Alzheimer’s is yet to be clinically proven.

So, do plants bleed? We will explore that line of thought another day. For the time being, you’ll have to make do with the strange white sponge that secretes blood-like liquid in its youth before settling down to a dull brown adult mushroom life later on.

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