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Do Chickens Prefer Beautiful People?

Do Chickens Prefer Beautiful People?

Chickens are popular across the globe as humans view them as a food source. They are used in various cuisines and usually found on farms, but this barnyard bird is a lot smarter than you think. But it’s not uncommon for animals to be anticipating towards humans, as one requires being scrupulous, and animals have this gift in spades. Chickens, on the other hand, have been proven to be fussy as they too share the same crushes as the university students. In other words, chickens are attractive to good-looking humans.

 The face recognition experiment

Way back in 2002, a couple of scientists joined forces to decipher one of civilization’s most prominent mysteries. It was to find out whether or not chickens are attractive to attractive humans. The scientists from the University of Stockholm recruited several elite chickens as test subjects. They trained the chickens to peck at the human images to receive food. The researchers took the help of a graph to keep track of the literal pecking order, which was observed in the study. The chickens reacted to the pictures of an average female but not an average male face and vice versa.

 The outcome of the study

They also showed the chickens of faces with feminine and masculine traits. The chickens pecked more at the pictures that contained symmetrical faces. The main aim of the scientists was to find out whether or not the chickens gravitated towards beautiful human faces, and that’s what they encountered. Chickens fancied the same faces, which a group of university students decided that were much hotter than the other options. Chickens can recognize around 30-other individual chickens, and they can do so with the humans as well. They will recognize your beautiful face symmetrically. It’s because symmetry is the universal standard for beauty.

Can humans do better?

The experiment was conducted by scientists on a group of humans. They were told to observe the faces and select the one that most likely dates. The results were superb as the animals showed preferences for facial consistent with human sexual preferences. It showed that human choices arise from the general properties of the nervous system rather than the face-specific adaptations. Studies into the influence of social and biological imperative on beauty standards are pretty valuable. But research is required to be more nuanced before you think of giving credence to the idea that humans or chickens have a one-set definition when it comes to beauty.

The smart chicks!

The best thing is that the chickens do not use dating applications and will never swipe left to your asymmetrical face. The bad thing is that the admiration of symmetrical faces in the majority of the animals is pretty ubiquitous, which includes human beings as well. It’s because similarity does not point towards good genes or bones. Now that you know that the chickens are pretty lightweight birdies, so if you want to ever get back at them, try to go easy on the nuggets and wings.


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