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Chocolate & cockroaches

Who doesn’t like chocolate? I personally love all kind of chocolate, especially the dark ones. But what if I tell you that you have probably consumed cockroach parts? Guess what? It is totally fine with the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency that looks after the health and human services.

The FDA has a handbook, The Defect Levels, which sets standards for food item producers. They have to maintain the level of safety while making, manufacturing or even selling.

It is when the producers in chocolate making factories told the FDA that it is impossible to produce chocolate without defects. In response to this, the FDA enumerated some guidelines, stated the defects’ levels, and how much fault is allowed.

Cockroaches are said to get attracted to the chocolate, and when cleaned, some remains are still there. This is despite their best efforts to reduce the adulteration by the little roaches. A percentage of chocolate is pieces of cockroach, which is acceptable as the standard. The FDA permitted this as default by declaring it is no harm to health. Up to 60 insect pieces per 100 grams of chocolate is considered safe for consumption.

The handbook has acceptable standards and is responsible for our health. So, next time you are enjoying the deliciousness of your chocolate, remember the goodness of protein in them too.

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