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Does Cooking Protein Powder Destroy Its Nutrition?

Protein is a highly essential macronutrient that is needed for innumerable physiological processes including muscle growth and repair, production of enzymes, hormones, immunity, oxygen transport, nerve stability, skin and hair integrity etc. Protein powder is a common topic of discussion for fitness enthusiasts and non-athletes alike. It has become popular for people to use protein […]

Live a healthier life with Plant-Based Protein

Live a healthier life with Plant-Based Protein In recent years, there has been a major shift in how we consume protein globally. Many people are making more conscious food choices since there’s a growing awareness of what we consume. Perhaps the most cited reason for switching to plant-based protein sources is that it is a […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Plant-Based Protein

There’s no denying that of the three macronutrients—fat, carbs, and protein, protein is currently the one that receives the most attention. This nutrient is popular for good reasons. It helps you grow muscle and repair tissue after working out, maintains fluid balance, strengthens your immune system, produces hormones and enzymes, and more. In recent years, […]

Whey Protein – Not the way forward

Protein supplements have been around us for some time now. With the spike in covid and the major 2020 lockdown, the number of people who started working out has increased tenfold and, at the same time, the number of people consuming additional protein supplements has also increased drastically. This is because studies conducted in 2020 […]


A survey conducted by the Indian Market Research Bureau reports that over 70% of Indians are protein deficient. While the daily intake of protein lies between 60-90 grams, Indians consume less than 50% of the required amounts. The Inbody IPSOS study of 2018 says that 71% of Indians have poor muscle health and 68% have […]

Why does the onion smell so strong?

Onions are probably the only vegetable that makes you take note of their strong, pungent smell and can make you shed tears (other than their skyrocketing prices). While onions have over 85% water, tiny amounts of protein, fat and fibre, another significant contribution comes from carbohydrates that account for around 8-10%. Onions are also rich […]

Why Are Yoga Asanas Named After Animals?

Dogs, cobras, cows, cats, and many other animals find a mention when it comes to lending their names and posture to various yogic poses. Some of the poses or asanas also depict the birds. While it is interesting that these asanas are named after animals, it is not clear if they were named so just […]