Proteins For Hair: Supplements and Important Food Sources

Proteins For Hair: Supplements and Important Food Sources After years of torturing your hair with chemicals, heat, sunlight, and pollution, it’s become quite a task to restore its health, isn’t it? You must have tried everything from deep conditioning treatments to heat protectant serums, damage control shampoos, and whatnot in order to minimize hair loss. […]

Why Is Natural Protein Shampoo Essential For Healthy Hair?

Loaded with the goodness of plant-based proteins, hair protein shampoos are a powerful solution to nurture your hair and keep it strong and radiant. Our hair produces keratin protein naturally. But several things, including excessive styling, treatments, heat damage, environmental pressure, and more, can hinder natural protein production, giving your hair a lifeless, dull appearance. […]

10 animals that have better hair than you

Remember the days when you walked up to the mirror and adjusted your hair again for nth time before you headed out? Most of us take pride in how we look and having a good mop of hair is an important criterion for us to make an impression. Did you know humans have the longest […]