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Beer floating festival – Helsinki, Finland

In our series of crazy festivals, we have an interesting entrant. Conceptualized around the turn of the Millenium, this is garnering a lot of support from young and old alike.

All of us would have a friend who is a beer fanatic and just finds a reason to chug one. You would love to know there are many people like that and this is the best festival for them to be a part of. Unofficially known as Kaljakellunta in Finnish (“Kalja” translates into beer and “Kellunta” into floating), this unusual beer floating event is a truly uplifting day out that combines beer, boats, and sunshine into one crazy summer revelry. The best part about this festival is that there is no specific date or reason for celebrating. People who love to revel in music, water, beer connect with each other on various social networks and pack up things and just go to celebrate.

Slated to celebrate its 22nd year in 2020, this cool beer floating festival is attracting thousands of participants of all ages and nationalities to float down the rivers of Kerava or Vantaa in their own small rafts and inflatable boats packed with beer. If you enjoy beer and own a makeshift raft, what else can you ask for in summers? Grab one and get on with the flow. Tag that beer fanatic friend here in the comments.

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