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7 pumpkin facts you didn’t know

7 pumpkin facts you didn’t know

Pumpkins facts & health benefits

  1. Pumpkins originated in North America around 5500 BC
  2. Pumpkins are fruits, not vegetables
  3. Pumpkins grow (almost) everywhere
  4. Pumpkin word originated from “pompions,” which meant ‘gross melons’
  5. Pumpkins are 90% water
  6. Pumpkins are full of valuable nutrients, high in antioxidants
  7. Pumpkins are linked to a reduced risk of certain cancers
  8. They are known to improve prostate and bladder health
  9. Very high in heart-healthy magnesium, iron
  10. Can lower blood sugar levels
  11. High in fiber

So check out a good recipe and indulge yourself on pumpkins. Celebrate the festival of Halloween and stay safe. Check out the origin story of Halloween here.


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