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5 PlantScience facts you didn’t know

5 PlantScience facts you didn’t know

While we think plants are non-mobile and are stuck at one point due to their physical constraints, the latest research in the field of Plant Science shows that plants are a lot smarter than they appear. At Atrimed Plant Science, we dedicate our research capabilities to unravel the secrets of Plants and understand the science behind them. Using these Plant Science secrets, our scientists create the next generating healing solutions using Plant Science.

5 PlantScience facts you didn’t know

1. Plants can hear:

The question about the acoustic ability of plants has been intriguing science for many decades. How do plants find out to reach out to the source of water? Well, the latest proof points in the direction of what we have been suspecting all along. Plants do hear and seek water. Read more here.

2. Plants can feel touch:

We all think plants are gentle, and believe that they respond to human touch. Some Australian scientists have found evidence that they can feel the touch. Lead researcher Olivier Van Aken, professor at the University of Western Australia, mentions that “Although people generally assume plants don’t feel when they are being touched, this shows that they are actually sensitive to.” Read more here.

3. Plants can see (have vision):

Did you know that plants seek light and grow towards the source of light? Having a steady source of light helps a plant to grow healthy. Read more here.

4. Plants can smell:

Humans need noses to smell, but plants don’t. They have the innate ability to understand odor molecules and change their behavior. Botanist Daniel Chamovitz, in his book “What a Plant Knows,” stated that they have an olfactory sense and can differentiate between smells leading to contrasting behavior patterns. Read more here.

5. Plants can taste:

Professor Jack C Schultz of the Division of Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri in Columbia describe plants as slow animals. Humans have an intertwined sense of smell and taste. It is similar to plants too. He says that plants, like animals, fight for their space, look for food, set up traps for prey, and evade predators. Unlike human beings who have five senses to accompany them, plants use sensory organs to understand their surroundings. Read more here.

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Nature at its best is a great repository of knowledge and most of it is still a mystery to our minds. However, at Atrimed PlantScience, we have willed ourselves to research, understand the best-kept secrets of Nature and use that knowledge to the betterment of our health. We believe in thinking beyond, knowing beyond and using the best research capabilities to understand the science plants use to live, thrive, adapt and grow. In this blog, you would find details of some interesting plant facts, the science behind them, snippets of history, updates about science and many interesting secrets. Read, subscribe, share your comments with us. Thank you!

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