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5 Monsoon Skincare Tips

The arrival of the monsoon right after the scorching summer heat brings a lot of happiness and relief to most of us. Despite heavy showers of rain and having to walk around with an umbrella, this is a more preferred season than summer, since the rise in mercury level tends to devoid us of all our energy and keep us dull and tired.

With our frantic and frenetic schedules, we barely have time to sit back and enjoy the sight of rain while sipping a hot cup of coffee or to go outside and soak ourselves in small spells of rain to relive our childhood memories, or to keep up with our skincare regime to deal with the changing weather.

After a lengthy period of sticky and sweltering hot summers, the monsoon season brings a spike in humidity, which causes plenty of health issues, particularly skin diseases. The humid weather and mild temperatures make it an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi to grow, thereby leading to infections causing redness and itchiness in the skin and also accelerating the growth of acne for acne-prone skin. Scabies, eczema, athlete’s foot, rashes, etc are some common skin allergies highly prevalent during the monsoon season.

Following a few skincare habits to adapt to changes in the weather are very important to protect and maintain the skin in its best version itself.

We’ve put together a great list of ways to keep your skin healthy while still enjoying the monsoon season.

  1. Use a cleanser – Washing your face atleast 2-3 times a day is extremely essential during the monsoons. In the monsoon, the excess humidity and oil attract all the dust from the surroundings, which can lead to infections on the skin. A cleanser should be used to remove excess oil and dirt and should not leave the skin dry. The Plant Science Anti-Microbial Face Wash would be ideal during the monsoons as this is a perfect amalgam of plant secondary metabolites derived from neem, lemon and vetiver. This has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, thereby preventing infections and also maintaining the right pH of the skin.
  2. Exfoliate your skin – Exfoliating at least 2-3 times a week aids in the removal of dead and damaged skin cells, allowing healthy and radiant new skin cells to emerge. Various natural exfoliants like ground coffee, finely ground sugar, etc can be used on the skin whereas on the face only finely ground ingredients like cinnamon or baking soda in combination with other ingredients like green tea or honey should be used as the skin on the face is extremely delicate.
  3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!! – Although there is a rise in humidity levels, there is a possibility of the climate leaving your skin dry and dull. Mositurising is important to hydrate and maintain the overall health of the skin. Using lightweight and preferably a gel-based moisturizer would be an ideal deal. Post moisturising with the appropriate moisturiser according to your skin type, the Plant Science Anti-Blemish Cream could be used for further nourishment. The cream concentrates on maintaining the skin in its most natural form by retaining its youthfulness and radiance. Remember to focus on the lips as part of your moisturising routine, as they tend to become quite dry during this season and peel off. Using lip balms or butter serves the same.
  4. Do not forget sunscreen – With the sun hiding behind the clouds and the weather looking gloomy, most of us tend to forget sunscreen in the monsoons. The clouds do not filter out the UV rays from the sun and hence we still get exposed to this radiation. As a result, wearing sunscreen as part of your skincare routine is essential, as there is a probability of getting sunburned even while it’s raining. Find the best sunscreen depending on your skin type with a minimum SPF of 30.
  5. Use less or no makeup – Heavy makeup may block the pores and lead to acne on the skin. They can also get washed away on exposure to rainfall or may even wear down the skin in the form of sweat due to the humidity. This partial removal of makeup from the skin surface is unhygienic and can lead to a variety of illnesses. Ideally, no make or less makeup which is lightweight and waterproof is preferred during this season.   

Our skin requires consistency and needs to be taken care of irrespective of the changing weather. Inculcating these skin care habits into your daily routine and hydrating yourself with plenty of water, protect your skin and enjoy the spells of the season with a cup of hot chocolate.

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