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3 Nutritional Mushrooms

Although they are fungi, mushrooms are classified as “vegetables” in the culinary world. They are also used as a meat substitute in meatless dishes due to how well they absorb the flavours of the dish – and some mushrooms are naturally umami (or savoury, like many types of meat). They can also be used to enhance flavours while containing no sodium or fat.


These fungi are high in proteins, high in vitamins B, free of cholesterol, & are high in the cholesterol-reducing lovastatin molecule, which grows easily around the globe. The mushrooms caused certain anti-retroviral-induced hyperlipidemia, according to a 2004 study on HIV patients.

Ingesting a tea made from wood grown, freeze-dried oyster mushrooms appears to have potential benefits. Jedinaki & Silva (2008) reported in the International Journal of Oncology that alcohol extracts of oyster mushrooms inhibit the growth of colon & breast cancer cells while not affect normal cells, indicating a potential therapeutic/preventive effect on breast & colon cancer.


The meaty mushroom has been proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory product. The fungus contains ergosterol, a cytotoxicity compound, or an enemy cell attack. In a new study on ageing, scientists have identified which markers of health play the most important roles in people reaching & following the magic mark of 100 years. Chronic inflammation has emerged more than any other factor as the most important & changing factor for both advanced old age & better physical & mental health on the way – keep your porcini stocked!

White Button

Button mushrooms, the world’s most popular mushroom, have been grown in the wild & eaten by humans since the time of the early hunter-gatherers. Traditional civilizations were even aware that mushrooms possessed special abilities. According to legend, the ancient Egyptians believed mushrooms could grant immortality, so only the pharaohs were allowed to eat or even touch them.

If you ever doubt any mushroom, always check with a professional before consuming it! Check out our post on poisonous mushrooms too.


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