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21 Kangaroo facts you didn’t know

21 Kangaroo facts you didn’t know

Kangaroos are one of the most fascinating creatures on the Earth and here are some cool facts you didn’t know. If you are planning a trip to Australia, make sure you visit one of the sanctuaries that have Kangaroos and your time would be worth it.

21 Cool Kangaroo facts:

1.Joey, when born, is the size of a grape and the adult kangaroo can well be over around 8 ft tall and weigh close to 100 kgs

2. There are over 65 species of Kangaroos, including tree kangaroos, rat kangaroos, and wallabies

3. The lifespan of kangaroos averages 6-10 years in the wild but can go up to 20 years in captivity

4. There is a myth that the name ‘Kangaroo’ actually meant ‘I don’t know’ and that happened due to a miscommunication with aboriginal people

5. A group of kangaroos is called a ‘mob’ or ‘court’

6. They can run with speeds up to 55 kmph and sometimes reach 70 kmph for shorter times.

7. Kangaroos can jump up to 25-30 ft when running. This helps them to escape a dangerous situation easily.

8. Kangaroos are good swimmers

9. Kangaroos cannot walk backwards

10. Kangaroos are herbivores, adhering to a strictly plant-based diet of grasses, flowering plants.

11. Being in a dry outback area, Kangaroos can survive without access to water for a long time. They seek succulents for little moisture they provide.

12. Though they eat plant-based diet like other animals, they release very little methane. Scientists are trying to study the digestive mechanism in Kangaroos to replicate in other animals, thereby reducing the methane emissions.

13. Eastern Grey Kangaroos are known to cough loudly when angry and thump the ground loudly to warn others of danger.

14. Male Kangaroos engage in boxing matches with other males to show off their skills and attract females of the species. Kicking, boxing, slapping, locking of arms while kicking are all part of the game.

15. Kangaroos have a unique three-stage walk. They use their front legs, tail and then back legs to move forward.

16. A young male Kangaroo is called ‘Boomer’, female is called ‘Jill’

17. Female Kangaroos can delay the development of their eggs and pause even a fertilized egg based on the conditions of the environment outside or the number of offspring being nurtured.

18. Kangaroos are hunted for meat as it is low in fat and is considered a healthier option than other meat. (Though it is tough to fathom).

19. Kangaroo leather makes strong light weight products and can retain high strength even when cur to thin layers. Most whip makers prefer Kangaroo leather.

20. Kangaroos are featured in many Australian brand logos from sports to airlines to the coat of arms

21. There are more Kangaroos in Australia than Australians!


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