Do Plants Have Memories?

Looks like they do!

After spending years researching on the ‘sensitive plant’ – mimosa, Monica Gagliano found some interesting traits.

We all know Mimosa pudica is a plant known for its defensive techniques and we have covered it many times on our blog too. When it feels something hostile, the leaves of mimosa curl up or fold to a defensive pose only to restore to an open pose after their threat perception is over.

In this experiment, Gagliano tried subjecting the plants to a repeated threat perception – to be more specific, her team tried dropping the plants repeatedly in specific time intervals without actually dropping them to the floor and breaking them. In the beginning, the plants would assume the drop a threat and curl up but as the exercise repeated, they quickly learnt that nothing bad was happening and stopped acting defensive.

Do plants have memories?

Gagliano and her team found that these mimosa plants learnt how to ignore a stimulus that is not hazardous for them. In the subsequent tests, she found the Mimosa pudica plants could remember this learning for a long time, even after few weeks!

In her paper, Gagliano writes, “Plants may lack brains, but they do possess a sophisticated… signalling network.”

While the brains might not be present for us to see, the intelligence displayed by the plants continues to challenge us to understand more than we know.

It is this pursuit of knowledge and unravelling the mysteries of plants that drives us every day at #PlantScience.

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