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15 Interesting Tea Facts

I love coffee but there are many people who love having a hot cup of tea. If you are a tea lover and swear by your cup of tea, you will love what we are writing today. The hero of the drinks around the world – tea!

Did you know tea is one of the oldest drinks that people brewed and had for pleasure? There are many tea facts that border on myths. The Lipton Tea Factory situated in Dubai’s Jebel Ali produces 5 billion tea bags each year! Here are some tea facts you might like:

  1. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world. The first is water.
  2. According to a legend Tea was discovered in 2737 BCE by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung who was drinking hot water and tea leaves fell in it
  3. The oldest tea plant called Camellia Sinesis is believed to be around 3200 years old and is in China
  4. Tea plant needs about 50 centimeters of rainfall to grow properly
  5. Tea was brought to India around 180 years ago, Camellia Sinesis is a native to India too. Records show that we were using tea leaves in soups for quite sometime.
  6. Tea contains antioxidants that help in rejuvenating and repairing cells as well as benefiting our immune system.
  7. Tea leave curl when hot water is poured on them and that is called ‘The agony of the leaves
  8. Steeping time for the tea depends on what tpe of tea it is. For example Herbal and black tea needs 3-5 min to steep, but green and oolong tea requires just two.
  9. Portugese princess Catherine of Braganza brought a chest of tea as a part of her dowry when she married King Charles II in 1662
  10. White tea is the least oxidized one, hence it is light while the black tea is the most oxidized form of tea and has a more strong flavor
  11. The word tea came from ‘Tay‘ or ‘Cha‘. ‘Cha’ later became Chai
  12. Traditional Tibetean tea is made from a combination of Yak butter, black tea leaves and salt
  13. The global tea market ranges as high as 52 billion! (As per Statista)
  14. You need about 4000 small tea plants to make about a kilogram of tea
  15. When the construction industry stated blooming around early 1800s workers were granted ‘tea breaks‘ for recharging themselves and bringing a culture of tea break

How many of these facts did you know already? Do you have any facts we missed? Share them with us in the comments.



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