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10 Grips of the Human Hand

By now, the Persian expression has already received its true prominence as it denotes that all five fingers in a hand comprise different shapes, sizes, and orientations, and hence each of them is unique from one another. But did you know that these intricacies only make the human hand a crucial body part with highest performance of grips of the human hand?

The Miracle Evolution of Human Grips

The human hand’s function has discrete joint movements and other actions can that are taken for granted. But little does everyone understand the science behind hand movements in a nutshell. Talking inaccurately of opening and closing of hands is considered. But the inaccuracy that the description of selected postures like hooking, pinching, grasping, and griping has is not only unscientific but also of no or little universal connotation.

Analyzing the hand and its functions as a unit has thus become of paramount importance lately. According to numerous pieces of research, hand functions have been categorized in different forms, including ball grip, cylinder grip, pincer grip, pliers grip, and ring grip.

Facts & Facets to Learn About Prehensile and Non-Prehensile Movements

Hand movements can be divided into two primary categories – prehensile and non-prehensile. In the prehensile movement, the object gets seized and held wholly or partly within the hand’s compass. The latter movement indicates no seizing or grasping of one’s hand of digits or as a whole. To learn about the ten grips, here’s presenting the list.

Learning About 10 Grips of the Human Hand

Before you dig deep into the list of ten human hand grips, here’s saying that almost all the grips have been miracle in the dawn of human evolution. Let’s check these hand grips that have made life simpler today:

1. A power grip is the first grip of the human hand where the object gets held in the clamp formed by the palm and the flexed finger.

2. A precision grip is when the object gets pinched between the fingers’ flexor aspects as well as the thumb.

3. A writing grip where a wooden rod is held in a writing posture.

4. A hammering grip where the wooden rod gets held in the hammering position (It’s just the opposite of number 3).

5. A power grip when the element of precision plays a fundamental role.

6. A grip where the thumb forms the powerful buttress to the hand’s lateral side.

7. A combined grip includes some phase of precision or power grip. The hands include certain activities when two grips get combined and form one grip. Here, the dominant one is usually the precision grip. This composite grip gets implemented in the daily lives, for instance, when a knot gets tied.

8. A hook grip is a form of prehensile grip where the role of the thumb is of little or no importance. The so-called hook grip would require little or negligible muscular effort for maintaining, and it gets employed under certain conditions where precision requirements are negligible.

9. The cool hammer grip includes the thumb to be fully abducted in the crudest phases of power grip.

10. A set of hammer grips demonstrate changing relationships of a thumb to hammer’s shaft as the tool size increases. This is the last one in this list of ten grips of the human hand.

To Conclude,

It’s rather an astonishing feeling to see prehensile movements of human hands to get resolved into just two simple conceptions – the precision and power grips. The intricate design of the human hand makes us stand above other species and gives us an advantage to accomplish many things that other species cannot.

Did you try to shape your hand in these shapes? Try now!

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